Whether you are a serious athlete, a regular gym/yoga class goer, or just getting into sports and fitness, it is important to have accurate and reliable tools for tracking your progress. Measured Me has put together a list of gadgets and apps that have been tried and approved by thousands of people like you. Our Price Comparison engine pulls real time data from dozens of online vendors so you can always get the best deal.

Bodymedia LINK Armband

Fitbit One

Track calories burned, steps, intensity of physical activity, and duration and quality of sleep using this lightweight device. Clinically proven to be the most accurate device for measuring burned calories. Upload data to your computer and website (via USB cable), and see your progress in real time on mobile app. Online dashboard also allows you to log calories consumed and track your progress against benchmarks and over time. Rechargeable battery. Track calories burned, daily steps, stairs climbed, total distance walked/ran, speed/pace, and intensity of physical activity using this small and discreet tracker. Fitbit One also measures how long and well you sleep (just wear it on your wrist at night) and can be used as a silent alarm. Your data is automatically synced to your computer and (via Wi-Fi) or mobile app (via Bluetooth) so you can track your progress using graphs and stats, compete with friends, and even log workouts and food. Rechargeable battery.
Best for tracking: calories, sleep, steps, activity intensity

Best for tracking: calories, sleep, steps, distance, activity intensity

Nike+ Fuel Band

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Track calories burned, steps taken, and intensity of physical activity. See the progress in real time on band’s LED display or on the mobile app. Data is synced to mobile app (via Bluetooth) or computer (via USB cable). Compete with friends, and receive achievement and rewards. The band is easily adjustable to fit wrist of any size. Operates on 2 standard lithium batteries. Track average and maximum heart rate, fitness level, time in activity zones in real time on LCD display with backlight. Calories burned during work out session are calculated based on heart rate, age, gender, weight and height. Heart rate can be reported either as beats per minute or % of maximum heart rate. Data can be stored for up to 99 workout sessions, and exported anytime. Includes stopwatch, alarm, and calendar, and comes with wearlink and wireless chest transmitter. Operates on standard lithium battery.
Best for tracking: calories, steps, intensity of physical activity

Best for tracking: calories, heart rate, time in activity zones

Misfit Shine Tracker

Jawbone Up 24 Tracker

Track distance traveled, steps, calories burned, and hours slept. Misfit can also automatically identify certain types of physical activities, including walking, running, swimming and cycling. It also automatically detects light and deep sleep cycles and sets off alarm at optimal wake time. The modular design of device allows for wearing anywhere, including wrist, legs, neck or pocket. Iphone or iPad compatible. Replaceable battery. Track steps, intensity of activity, resting and active heart rate, sleep duration. Jawbone also differentiates between REM, light and deep sleep cycles and detects optimal time for waking up. Wireslessly syncs to Smart Coach app (Android and OS compatible). Rechargeable battery.
Best for tracking: calories, steps, activity, sleep

Best for tracking: heart rate, calories, steps, activity, sleep