They say, “you are what you eat”, so keeping track of your diet is one way to track yourself and your health. Measured Me has assembled a list of reliable and widely approved gadgets and apps that can help you track your diet and its impact on your body and health. The prices from dozens of online vendors are updated in real time so you can always get the best deal.

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

Withings Body Scale

Track calories, calories from fat, fat, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol, sodium, sugars and fiber for your meals with a touch of one button. The macronutrient information is available for 1,999 common foods and ingredients. You can also add 99 customizable food entries (including your favorite complex meals). Operates on 2 AA batteries. Light and compact, very easy to wash. Track weight, body mass index, lean mass and fat mass (body fat is estimated using built-in bioelectrical impedance sensor). Your stats are automatically synced (via Wi-Fi) to secure website or your mobile app. Monitor your progress using free Health Companion app or website interface (also compatible with RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, and LoseIt apps). Athlete and non-athlete modes. Supports up to 8 people. Operates on 4 AAA batteries.
Best for tracking: calories, fat, carbs, protein, cholesterol, sugars, sodium and fiber

Best for tracking: body weight, lean and fat mass, body-mass index (BMI), multiple users

Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Omron Body Composition Monitor and Scale

Track in real-time water and other fluid consumption using this bottle with a built-in flow meter. Hydracoach bottle also calculates your personal hydration needs based on activity levels and physiological stats, and provides a real-time feedback and motivation throughout the day. Operates on a standard CR2032 Lythium battery. Track seven body and fitness indicators: weight, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat mass, resting metabolism, and body age. The fat mass and body fat percentage are estimated using more accurate feet-to-palm biolectrical impedance analysis, compared to traditional body scales. Operates on 4 AA batteries.
Best for tracking: water and other fluids intake/consumption

Best for tracking: weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, metabolism

Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper

Instant Ph Balance Test Strips

Measure your body fat mass and fat percentage using this caliper. Meets all requirements for jaw pressure and accuracy. Whether you follow intensive nutritional/fitness program or simply monitor your general health on a regular basis, this is the most affordable, accurate and reliable tool to monitor your progress. Comes with detailed instructions and conversion tables for instant calculation of body fat percent based on the measurements. Track Ph balance in your body on a regular basis using these test strips (saliva or urine based). Get very accurate (4.5-9.0 range, in .25 increments) and almost instant (15 seconds) estimates of Ph levels in your body, so you can detect effects of diet, environment, or exercise regimen almost immediately. Unlike other strips on the market, these strips are made of plastic, and won’t fall apart or bleed. Standard pack includes 90 strips.
Best for tracking: body fat percent, body fat mass

Best for tracking: Ph balance, acidity/alcaline levels in saliva or urine

80 Bites Mobile App

SweetBeat Mobile App

80 Bites Diet Nutrition Food Intake Meter AppTrack how long does it take you to eat your meal, how many “bites” you take, and intervals between the “bites” using this “pedometer for your mouth”. The instant feedback feature advises you when to chew slower and when it’s time to stop eating. 80 bites a day is all your stomach needs, and by tracking your bites, and never overeat again! Best Tool for Detecting Food Sensitivity and Food Allergies Download DiscountTake advantage of this app’s food sensitivity detection feature to test if your body responds negatively to ingredients in your meal. This feature does not require the HRM chest strap: to get your readings, just cover the camera with your finger! The app is based on a scientifically validated Coca Pulse Test for detecting food allergies and sensitivities. Store results so you know which foods to avoid.
Best for tracking: eating habits (bites and time spent chewing food) Best for tracking: food allergies, and sensitivity to ingridients in meals
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