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Whether you simply want to improve quality and duration of your sleep, plan to experiment with lucid dreaming, or measure impact of sleep on your performance and everyday life, you will need reliable and accurate tools. Measured Me has put together a list of gadgets and apps that have been used and approved by thousands of consumers. The information from dozens of online vendors is updated in real time, so you can always get the best deal.

Beddit Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker Pro

Track eight different sleep metrics (sleep score, total time slept, awake/light/deep sleep cycles time, time to fall asleep, sleep efficiency, snoring and respiration) using non-invasive strip attached to your mattress. See visual graph of your sleep phases. The optional smart alarm feature helps you wake up at optimal time based on your sleep patterns. The sleep data is wirelessly (via Blutooth) uploaded to the base. Compatible with iOS devices. Track three different sleep metrics (total time slept, number of times sleep was interrupted, and sleep score) using this monitor. This tracker uses built-in accelerometer to monitor your movement during different stages of sleep, and the smart alarm function will wake you at the optimal time based on your sleeping patterns, so you will always wake up fresh and energized. Upload data (via USB) to online SleepTracker Analytics portal to track your progress. This tracker can be worn as a regular wristwatch. Operates on standard CR2032 lythium battery.
Best for tracking: sleep phases, duration of sleep, quality of sleep

Best for tracking: duration of sleep, times woke up, sleep quality

Sleep Time App by Azumio

Sleep Cycles App

Azumio Sleep Tracking App Discount Sale DownloadTrack six different sleep metrics (total duration, awake, light sleep, Deep+REM sleep, number of times snoozed the alarm, and sleep efficiency) using this mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices). Just place your phone on the mattress next to you, and it will use complex algorithms and phone’s built-in accelerometer to monitor and analyze your sleep cycles. The smart alarm system wakes you during your lightest sleep cycle so you get up feeling great every morning. Your sleep data and detailed graph of your sleep cycles are saved on your phone after every night. Sleep Cycles App Discount Sale DownloadTrack efficiency of your sleep using this mobile app (available for iOS devices). Just place your phone on the mattress next to you before going to sleep, and the app will monitor ana anzlyze your sleep cycles using iphone’s built-in accelerometer. The smart bio-alarm clock will alert you when you enter the lightest sleep phase. As a result, you can wake up every morning feeling fresh and full of energy, and avoid that morning grogginess. Your sleep quality statistics and a sumary graph of your sleep cycles are saved on your phone after every night.
Best for tracking: total time slep, time awake, light sleep, deep+REM sleep, number of times snoozed the alarm, sleep efficiency Best for tracking: sleep efficiency
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